Below are links that are of interest to tandem riders, which have been contributed by our members. If you know of other sites that might be of interest please send email to the webmaster. These links are not to be taken as endorsement of the people, products, services, etc. referred to by these links.

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Maker of Draftmaster and Topper cycle transport systems, for hitch and roof.
Bike Friday
Maker of the Tandem Two'sDay and other portable tandems.
Calfee Design
Maker of carbon fiber and bamboo tandems and touring bikes. Calfee Design also does great work teaching people in developing countries how to build bikes with indigenous bamboo, and helps them start sustainable businesses.
Maker of tandems and touring bikes.
Cycles LaMoure
Maker of custom tandem frames, located in Sequim, WA.
Elliott Bay Cycles
Builds Davidson custom tandems.
R&E Cycles
Maker of Rodriguez tandems.
Maker of the Screamer and other tandems.
Maker of Santana tandems.